8 Completely Pointless Movie Details That Will Blow Your Mind

You know how method actors always go a little bit weird when it comes to really getting into the perfect state of mind for a role? Well, turns out there’s plenty of directors out there that are just as bad. The difference being that these guys are waving a fat paycheck in front of everyone to get exactly what they want out of their movies, from years of prop making that never sees the light of day, to getting actors to actually fight each other for that true, Maybelline, freshly-pummelled look. Dance, monkey, dance!

When it comes to executing the perfect cinematic vision on our screens, there’s very little that goes unnoticed by our beloved screen dictators, and plenty of mind-blowing effort put into even the most minuscule of moments on screen.

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8 More Movies With Seriously Insane Details You Didn’t Notice

Movies go to some painstaking efforts to get everything on screen exactly, perfectly right. Bringing together teams of talented creatives to make imaginary worlds come to life is no small feat, and as a result, sometimes even the most intricate moments can go amiss on the big screen.

Whether its purpose making set pieces that will never make it to the final cut, or spending months on end creating props that are shown for less than a split second, the business of filmmaking can send directors a little crazy for moments that don’t really add anything to the story. Years of hard work translates into three seconds in the cinema, and artists the world over weep for their lost time.

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