Review: Slam Dunk Midlands

Slam Dunk’s status as the UK’s favourite pop-punk festival can hardly be contested. With a section for every genre, big-name sponsors lining the walls, and stages both inside and out – this year’s festival felt like the most professional yet. Continuing the move from Wolverhampton City Centre to Birmingham NEC, it settled into the second city with ease on its 11th anniversary, making all things bigger, better, and more boisterous in the process.

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Film Review: Dead Awake

★★☆☆☆ – Dead Awake by Phillip Guzman promises to stop you from sleeping ever again. It’s a big promise to make, and one that it doesn’t live up to.

Exploring the condition of sleep paralysis – being caught in limbo between dreaming and waking and not being able to move – the film has found a perfect niche for the horror genre in an area little explored. Bringing to life the idea of ‘Old Hag Syndrome’ and evil visitings during the paralysis, it’s an original concept that has potential for an incredibly frightening cinematic experience. Unfortunately, this film isn’t it.

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Preview: Slam Dunk 2017

As usual, Slam Dunk 2017 boasts a wealth of pop punk favourites, returning to the UK across three venues this May for a day of alternative rock. Hosted at Birmingam NEC on Saturday 27th May, Hatfield Forum on Sunday 28th May, and bringing in the bank holiday with a bang in Leeds City Centre on 29th May; the annual festival has already sold out at its Southern-most venue.

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