‘We really didn’t think we were making a horror film!’ – An interview with Saw series producer, Oren Koules

In the wake of the latest addition to the Saw franchise, I got the chance to speak with one half of production company Twisted Pictures on what inspired the ideas behind Jigsaw.

That half was the lovely Oren Koules, a business man with experience in everything from ice hockey to entertainment production, and part of the team behind all eight Saw films, with few other spooky side projects to boot. With seven films already out and a definitive end in the form of Saw 3D, I had to start by asking where Jigsaw as a concept came from, and what Koules and co. hoped to achieve by starting afresh. Continue reading


Creepy Countdown: Jigsaw gives a taste of what’s to come in the eighth Saw film

The Saw franchise’s latest film, Jigsaw, comes out this Friday – but what can we expect from the newest instalment’s many gruesome traps?

Coming in at number eight, the film is no newbie to the series that prides itself on torture-porn. Releasing an exclusive clip as a taster for what’s to come this weekend, we hear what could be the returned Jigsaw himself taunting a fresh batch of sinners – and this time around, he’s taking the ‘saw’ part very literally.

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Creepy Countdown: ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre for us is like Citizen Kane!’ – An interview with the directors of Leatherface

Coming in as the eighth instalment of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, Leatherface takes the series back to its roots – acting as a prequel to the original 1974 movie itself.

With the premiere screening at this year’s FrightFest back in August, I managed to have a chat with the French duo directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury about their interpretation of the original ‘Leatherface’, and what it was like bringing him to life in a timeline that’s now over 40 years old.

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Creepy Countdown: The legacy of The Ring

The American adaptation of Japanese classic Ringu turns 15 years old this week, having been released on 18th October 2002 in the US originally.

The Ring has long been lauded as a definitive work within the horror genre, terrifying audiences from its initial release and onwards without fail. In the decade and a half since its inception, the film has collected an impressive 14 awards and 11 further nominations – plenty for what would technically be a rip-off movie.

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Creepy Countdown: I Know What You Did Last Summer is 20 years old today

Celebrating its anniversary of 20 years today, I Know What You Did Last Summer continues to be a horror classic perfect for any Halloween season.

Heading down a winding road in North Carolina, four friends accidentally hit a fisherman with their car whilst driving home. Deciding to dispose of the body in the sea and never talk about it again – all seems well. That is, until a year later when Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt) receives an anonymous message and a hook-wielding killer is out for revenge on the morally corrupt teens.

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