The Photography Show 2015

From the 21st to the 24th of March, I’ve been sat at the Bessel stand in The Photography Show 2015; working as a demo model for studio lighting set ups. The day started at roughly 8:00 am/9:00 am each morning, meaning that I had to wake up at 6:00 am to get there (and weep for my urgent need for caffeine!), then help to set up the stand and prepare for the sea of people that would soon flood the exhibition at 10 for the four day event. I’ve worked promotions, demos and this particular set up a fair few times before – but the show itself was a pretty unique experience to say the least.


This is the promotional material from the stand I was working on, it was pretty weird seeing so many copies of my face throughout the duration of the show!

For those of you that don’t know what The Photography Show is, it’s a relatively new exhibition designed to collect all aspects of the trade into one giant showroom – cameras, studio equipment, printers and guest speakers being but a small part of the half-week event. It’s all about equipment for photographers; with a few stands bringing models in as they’re always a popular attraction – people can see what they’re going to buy being used first-hand, as well as grab a few shots of someone or something that they can use afterwards (whether it be for reference or promotions). The people running the stands are absolutely jammed up with questions, curious by-passers and business opportunities so it’s a great way of upping sales as well as the brand’s profile – I keep likening it to a Clothes Show for old men!

It was absolutely crazy for all four days, with all sorts of people turning up – from the lovely to the downright strange. My job was to sit and look dramatically at people’s cameras that they’d bought along whilst Tony Rabin Photography did all the work – talking people through his methods, how he uses the set ups on offer, helping with camera settings and lighting me in a flattering way (or at least I hope so!). A couple of examples:

10470926_10153104840855821_4675953916710431177_n 11061185_10153181491339666_6872832223608574510_n

I learned a lot from being there – whether it was from catching the end of a couple of the live talks or from just listening to Tony speak – there was a tonne to pick up on both photography as a medium and how to pose and present myself model-wise. I had a great time there and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others thinking about going next year; if you’re into photography or media at all it’s not worth missing. If you need any more incentive – with any luck, I’ll be there again next year too!


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