On set with Brit comedy horror Fanged Up in Portsmouth prison

‘Dapper Laughs’ new venture to the silver screen has started filming in Portsmouth, taking over the abandoned prison for comedy-horror Fanged Up  – so we went on set to catch up with the stars.

Centring around the loveable rouge Jimmy Ragsdale (Daniel O’Reilly) who has recently been incarcerated, Stokesdale prison turns out to be not all that he expects.

A prison comedy with extra bite, the Governor and his guards are actually blood-sucking vampires – handpicking the inmates for their own grisly consumption.

Directed by Christian James and produced by Terry Stone and Richard Turner, the wholly British production boasts a wealth of talent. From Steven Berkoff (44 Inch Chest, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, A Clockwork Orange), WWE Wrestler Stu Bennett aka ‘Wade Barrett’, BAFTA award winner Lauren Socha (Misfits), Eastenders’ break-out Danielle Harold and boxing legend Joe Egan (Sherlock Holmes).

Also starring are Big Brother star Chris R. Wright, Vas Blackwood (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Mean Machine), Stephen Marcus (Fast & Furious 6), Roland Manookian (Rock n Rolla, Football Factory, The Business), Terry Stone (Anuvahood, Rise of the Footsoldier), Huw Samuel (Brotherhood, Pride) and YouTube star Anto Sharp.

On set, the producers talked up their love of the film: “We are both really excited to have partnered together on this exciting comedy horror, which is squarely aimed at the 15–25 year old cinema going market. We’re pleased to have cast an exciting mix of social influencers alongside some of Britain’s best comedy and dramatic actors.”

The National Student managed to get a sneak peek of filming this week too, venturing into Portsmouth’s own spooky prison, HM Kingston, to witness what the team had in store for when Fanged Up hits screens around the UK.

With atmospheric smoke machines cloying the air and a flock of grey-tracksuited prisoners roaming the grounds, it wasn’t the most inviting of sets to step foot on.

That is of course, until you realise the ‘prisoners’ are extras playing Angry Birds on their phones and sharing out biscuits between themselves.

Sneaking in to the back of the mess hall, I managed to experience Daniel O’Reilly and Stu Bennett building up to a brawl scene; as they muttered to each other and shot plenty of shifty glances around. Unsurprisingly, Daniel had a sizable hot dog in his mouth for most of the cut – giving an impression of the type of comedy we’re likely to see in the final product.

Daniel himself said of the comedy: “It’s got that real life humour element to it that Shaun of the Dead has, like how you would actually react and how stupid it would be if this was happening. It has that kind of ‘what the hell is going on, oh I don’t believe it’ sort of feel to it, instead of it going straight into a horror film.’

Fanged Up doesn’t have a set release date just yet, but is due to finish filming in Portsmouth this year.

This article was originally posted on The National Student.


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