Jigsaw comes back from the dead AGAIN in latest trailer

The Saw franchise really doesn’t know when to stop.

Bringing around the eighth instalment in the string of torture porn films, this October will serve as yet another opportunity for the vigilante Jigsaw to return from his grave – and the trailer doesn’t let us forget that he’s definitely supposed to be dead.

Seven years after Saw: The Final Chapter (yeah, right) and set a decade after Jigsaw’s apparent passing away, dead bodies are turning up all over the city. Dead bodies that have undergone serious and bizarre trauma, and are missing a single piece of flesh cut out in the eponymous puzzle piece pattern. There’s only one man that could have committed these crimes, but how?

The trailer is chock full of brand new and equally sick traps – from ‘bucket heads’ chained to a wall of rotary blades to a grain silo spewing out sharpened blades. There’s just enough for the imagination to get an idea of what we might see, and as usual, it’s pretty stomach churning.

With the franchise famous for its dedication to all things bile-inducing, we can be sure there will be plenty of gore on offer for those that have ‘sinned’. Whether the film should have been made or not isn’t up for debate any more as it’s happened – and to be fair, the trailer should mean it’s not too hard to retain an open mind. Considering the original writers James Wan and Leigh Whannell are still floating around writing and production, there’s more positivity than not surrounding the release.

With FrightFest bringing back the 80s slasher icons and now Saw returning to screens once more, it looks like a Halloween of nostalgia is on the cards. Let’s just hope that these newcomers can do their older counterparts justice.

Jigsaw is in cinemas 20th October 2017, released by Lionsgate.

This article was originally posted on The National Student.


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