Check your cistern, as House Shark is coming soon to a toilet near you

Horror movies have always seemed to respect certain boundaries when it comes to going to the toilet. We all do it, all the characters have to do it – and there’s more often than not an unspoken rule you don’t get ‘got’ when you have to go.

Cue House Shark, the underwater nightmare that will savage you from your own u-bend, and if you’ll pardon the pun, doesn’t give a shit about it. A trailer for what is potentially the most bizarre release to be hitting screens next year is now live, promising to bring Jaws into your very living room. A terrifying prospect indeed.

Rife with caricatures rather than characters, a few hundred pints of stage blood, and a whole lot of badly stuck on beards, this B-movie is providing exactly what it says on the tin. Offering in the very least a healthy dose of fun, the film will be adding its name to a long line of ridiculous shark films that only get more bonkers with each release to hit the shelves.

Considering the success of films such as Sharknado and Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus, there is some genuine hope that it could find itself a viable audience in the midst of more serious films coming up such as 47 Meters Down and the Alten adaptation Meg. To be honest, I’m not sure what separates them as ‘serious shark films’ other than a bigger budget and maybe Jason Statham in a wetsuit. The narratives are just as wacky.

Whoever comes up with these ideas and making real films out of them – please don’t stop any time soon. Catch the trailer for the beady-eyed terror that is House Shark below:

This article was originally posted on The National Student.


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