Technical10540398_500419933436222_4392632246066498096_nly, I suppose you could call this an art blog. I write about film, fashion and excerpts of anything creative that drop clumsily out of my head. A collection of links, sources and my own self indulgent ramblings. I hope you enjoy.

As for me, I’m a third year Film and English student at Southampton University, where I act as president of the Film Society and Deputy Editor of The Edge magazine. I model and have done for about 3 years, and work odd jobs in the meantime to fund a bad habit of buying “vintage” clothes. I spend too much time with my cat and not enough out of bed. An avid horror fan, a lay-about gamer and an unhealthy pizza consumer. Also a fake ginger: the worst kind.


If for any reason you’d like to get in touch with me, please do so through email or through social media in the sidebar:


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