I’m Ash – your one-stop shop for film and television criticism, and rabid fangirl of anything slightly spooky. If that’s not enough to get you hooked, take a browse, subscribe, and maybe like my pages if you get lost in a stalking session: you know the drill.

You can currently find me north of The Wall working at WhatCulture, where I play a lot of Magic The Gathering and eat unreasonable amounts of biscuits. I also present YouTube videos and write articles, you know, when I can find the time.

Previously, I graduated Film and English from Southampton University, where I was also Deputy Editor of The Edge and Assistant Film Editor for The National Student.

Outside of film frothing, I model and have done for about five years, which has long funded a bad habit of buying “vintage” (read: dirty, secondhand) clothes. You can find my personal blog for all this type of nonsense over at http://www.ashmillman.com!

That’s about it from me – thanks for taking the time to check out my site, and, as ever: may the luck of the Raven’s eye be with you…



For contact, you can reach me by email or through social media in the sidebar:



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