‘We really didn’t think we were making a horror film!’ – An interview with Saw series producer, Oren Koules

In the wake of the latest addition to the Saw franchise, I got the chance to speak with one half of production company Twisted Pictures on what inspired the ideas behind Jigsaw.

That half was the lovely Oren Koules, a business man with experience in everything from ice hockey to entertainment production, and part of the team behind all eight Saw films, with few other spooky side projects to boot. With seven films already out and a definitive end in the form of Saw 3D, I had to start by asking where Jigsaw as a concept came from, and what Koules and co. hoped to achieve by starting afresh. Continue reading


Creepy Countdown: ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre for us is like Citizen Kane!’ – An interview with the directors of Leatherface

Coming in as the eighth instalment of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, Leatherface takes the series back to its roots – acting as a prequel to the original 1974 movie itself.

With the premiere screening at this year’s FrightFest back in August, I managed to have a chat with the French duo directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury about their interpretation of the original ‘Leatherface’, and what it was like bringing him to life in a timeline that’s now over 40 years old.

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“Limitations make filmmakers more creative” – An interview with The Vault director, Dan Bush

Dan Bush’s bank heist horror, The Vault, is set to hit cinemas at the end of this week. 

Following two estranged sisters as they execute a bank robbery to save their troubled brother, we watch as things take a turn for the worst when there isn’t enough money in the building. Advised by a bank manager that there’s an abandoned vault downstairs with millions left behind, the family attempt to break in – but let out a dark and powerful evil in the process.

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“I spend most of the time wet, covered in blood” – An interview with the cast of Fanged Up

Late last year, I managed to catch up with the cast of horror-comedy Fanged Up during filming in Portsmouth.

Featuring as the latest from director Christian James and as Daniel ‘Dapper Laughs’ O’Reilly’s first leap into the world of movies, they invited me to step foot into the heart of Portsmouth’s abandoned prison – which was as terrifying as it was bloody freezing. Whilst boasting a range of acting talent, wrestlers, boxers and social media influencers – it’s BAFTA winning actress Lauren Socha and Eastender’s breakout Danielle Harold that join O’Reilly in the main line up.

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“We had a priest come in and bless the set” – An interview with Annabelle: Creation director, David F. Sandberg

With the latest in the Conjuring franchise set to hit cinemas this weekend, David F. Sandberg tells us all about what it was like working with demonic dolls, nervous cast members, and putting his stamp on the Annabelle universe.

Working predominantly in short film before hitting big screens last year in his directorial debut, this is the second time that Sandberg time ever has graced a Hollywood set – the first being for his own adapted short piece Lights Out. His explosive trajectory as a big-budget horror director is impressive to say the least, with a style that’s all his own and an enthusiasm for creating creepy stories that’s impossible to emulate.

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“I took a photo of myself sitting on the toilet. It was seen by a LOT of people” – An interview with Fizzy Blood

Founded in 2014 and already smashing huge festivals such as Download, SXSW, and Korea’s Zandari Festa, Fizzy Blood have put themselves thoroughly on the alternative music map in their three years as a band. Continuing their festival streak with a spot on the Neu stage at this year’s 2000trees festival, their success comes as no surprise as soon as you get a listen of their unique brand of “weird, exciting, fuzzy rock and roll.”

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“And I was like, what if the sun just doesn’t come up any more?”: An interview with Blair Witch writer, Simon Barrett

The Blair Witch Project‘s most recent sequel in 2016, Blair Witch, had a lot to live up to by name alone. Working under the secret title of ‘The Woods’ for a good portion of its creation, the film was revealed at Comic Con early last year – sending fans into overdrive at the thought of a franchise reboot. Helming the film’s release was director Adam Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett; the latter of which I managed to have a chat with about his experience both writing and making the film.

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