How to be a YA protagonist

So, you’re just a normal kid. Maybe you’re at high school, maybe not – but one thing’s for sure; you know you don’t fit in. There’s this niggling feeling that you’re not good enough, that everyone around you is cooler, prettier, has more to offer; and of course this is exacerbated by that one oh-so-mean bully who won’t leave you alone. That dreamy love interest doesn’t even know you exist, no matter how much you flip your hair and stare longingly. You’re such a loser.

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Films to look forward to at Fright Fest 2016

In less than one week, the August bank holiday will have rolled around for another year – signifying ice creams, family days out, and of course, five days of blood curdling horror. Fright Fest 2016 launches on 25th August, and has a whole host of events and films to keep you out of the sun this summer. With 66 film premieres, 26 international short films, over 200 guests and everything from horror writing workshops to specialist panels – it’s set to be a spine-tingling extravaganza.

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Why you should read Fight Club right now!

There’s a chance you’ve seen, or at least heard of Fight Club from David Fincher’s epic cinematic effort but that only scratches the surface of Chuck Palahniuk’s dystopian musings on our modern world.

Of course, I’m breaking the first rule: I’m talking about Fight Club, the dark and satirical takedown of greed, consumerism and masculinity on the verge of the new millennium, that carries themes that almost seem more relevant in 2016.

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