8 Completely Pointless Movie Details That Will Blow Your Mind

You know how method actors always go a little bit weird when it comes to really getting into the perfect state of mind for a role? Well, turns out there’s plenty of directors out there that are just as bad. The difference being that these guys are waving a fat paycheck in front of everyone to get exactly what they want out of their movies, from years of prop making that never sees the light of day, to getting actors to actually fight each other for that true, Maybelline, freshly-pummelled look. Dance, monkey, dance!

When it comes to executing the perfect cinematic vision on our screens, there’s very little that goes unnoticed by our beloved screen dictators, and plenty of mind-blowing effort put into even the most minuscule of moments on screen.

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8 More Movies With Seriously Insane Details You Didn’t Notice

Movies go to some painstaking efforts to get everything on screen exactly, perfectly right. Bringing together teams of talented creatives to make imaginary worlds come to life is no small feat, and as a result, sometimes even the most intricate moments can go amiss on the big screen.

Whether its purpose making set pieces that will never make it to the final cut, or spending months on end creating props that are shown for less than a split second, the business of filmmaking can send directors a little crazy for moments that don’t really add anything to the story. Years of hard work translates into three seconds in the cinema, and artists the world over weep for their lost time.

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10 Banned Movies Now Considered Masterpieces

Cinema has often regaled us with things we definitely, really, undeniably didn’t need to see. Whether it’s the Human Centipede or the Star Wars prequels, there’s a stockpile of inflammatory movies you shouldn’t have to suffer through. And if it was up to the film board, there’s plenty more that you’d never get the option to.

Banning movies based on their content regarding sex, violence, and mature themes has been commonplace since the inception of cinema, but that doesn’t always mean it’s right. For every Texas Vibrator Massacre and Homo Eroticus saved from public release, there’s a hidden, controversial gem that pushes the medium to its limits – provoking thought and artistic expression rather than a gag reflex.

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8 Most Ridiculous Harry Potter Fan Theories

There’s a ludicrous amount of fan theories floating about the wider world of Harry Potter. With even J. K. Rowling getting in on the joke, both the author and readers alike have retroactively tampered with characters in a myriad of ways, providing plenty of Harry Potter machinations that give way to bizarre, dark secrets.

Of course, whilst not all of the entries on this list have the wizarding queen’s seal of approval, they’re still certifiably ridiculous when considering the franchise as a whole – and while most provide a good laugh or quiet reflection on everything you hold dear, there’s some that just take the magical biscuit. There’s an underbelly out there rife with 50ps that represent the resurrection stone, Harry being Ron’s hallucination, and Dumbledore being a time travelling ginger. Of course.

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7 Ways Deadpool 2 Sets Up Future Sequels

It’s only just been released, and we’re ready for more. David Leitch’s sequel to 2016’s star comic book sass machine, Deadpool, has certifiably proved that lightning can strike twice.

With razor sharp jokes, sneaky cameos, and a whole lot of the unfiltered highland spring water that is Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 2 capitalises on all the things that made the first film great. Catapulting the franchise to new heights with its self-aware hilarity, it’s only fair that we’re psyched for the next installment – in whatever form it may come.

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Ghost Stories: The Hidden Meaning Behind The Mysterious Hero

Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman’s film adaptation of Ghost Stories, based on their stageplay of the same name, has had a real spot in the sun with horror fans over the few weeks since its release. Lauded as one of the scariest British horror films to come from our tiny island in recent years, the anthology of spooky stories is steeped in atmospheric gloom, as dirty and claustrophobic as a seaside caravan holiday.

And, much like Weston-Super-Mare, whilst the film seems like a magical day out, in reality, there’s some glaring problems from the outset. Whilst not necessarily hypodermic needles in the sand, Ghost Stories struggles to tie its narrative strands together in a wholesome way – seemingly rendering certain scenes useless and story arcs ineffective in the process.

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8 Films & TV Shows Based On Internet Horror Stories

Amateur horror writing is on the move. Rising up from the dank depths of the internet to bring you the real Tales of Interest, there’s a marked insurgence in spooky stories written by budding authors making it to the big screen.

But what exactly makes a good author? Arguably a mixture of impeccable writing style, a gripping story, and some nuanced character work, with an inherent knowledge of how words work. Of course, the appropriately badly titled creepypasta has none of that. In fact – it’s probably the polar opposite.

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