Thelma releases electrifying opening scene

Joachim Trier’s critically acclaimed Thelma, debuting at Toronto Film festival and already earning a nomination for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2018 Academy Awards, has now released its opening scene online.

With categorisation ranging from horror and science fiction to thriller and drama, it’s safe to say the Norwegian hit is in a genre all of its own. The narrative follows shy young Thelma (Eili Harboe), a college student that has broken free of her religious family to study in the metropolitan Oslo. Soon, she starts to suffer seizures, and coincidentally becomes increasingly infatuated with the beautiful Anja (Kaya Wilkins).

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The Midnight Man plays on your worst nightmares in debut trailer

Creepypastas from all corners of the internet are getting their screen debut, and The Midnight Man is no different.

Following Alex (Gabrielle Haugh) as she looks after her grandmother in a suitably creepy house, the story begins with the discovery of a long-forgotten game in the attic. Much like Jumangi, the fun is soon lost when the terrifyingly true nature of what the game entails come to light, but differs from the jungle board game in that there’s far less monkeys. Oh, and playing can result in lethal consequences.

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Film Review: The Road to Mandalay

★★★☆☆ – Whilst very slow, the film’s ending pushes all previous notions of boredom to one side, and makes use of the dark tone perpetuated throughout.

Describing The Road to Mandalay as a ‘slow-burner’ feels almost inappropriate. There’s slow, and then there’s stagnated – which Midi Z’s film runs the risk of falling into with each stilted scene during the first hour or so. Using elongated silences and subtlety to convey meaning rather than outright action, his filming style is appropriate for its subject matter; but can often times feel flat and dis-interesting instead of thoughtful.

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Film Review: The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale

★★★★☆ – Not necessarily enjoyable but entirely gripping, this film is a testament to Korean cinema, balancing duty and emotion with a deft hand.

As devastating as it is beautiful, The Tiger: An Old Hunters Tale is a face-off of epic proportions. Walking the line between life and death too many times to count, Hoon-jung Park has crafted a truly touching insight into an old hunter’s life, and the relationship he shares with the Lord of the Mountain – a giant Korean tiger.

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‘We really didn’t think we were making a horror film!’ – An interview with Saw series producer, Oren Koules

In the wake of the latest addition to the Saw franchise, I got the chance to speak with one half of production company Twisted Pictures on what inspired the ideas behind Jigsaw.

That half was the lovely Oren Koules, a business man with experience in everything from ice hockey to entertainment production, and part of the team behind all eight Saw films, with few other spooky side projects to boot. With seven films already out and a definitive end in the form of Saw 3D, I had to start by asking where Jigsaw as a concept came from, and what Koules and co. hoped to achieve by starting afresh. Continue reading

Creepy Countdown: Jigsaw gives a taste of what’s to come in the eighth Saw film

The Saw franchise’s latest film, Jigsaw, comes out this Friday – but what can we expect from the newest instalment’s many gruesome traps?

Coming in at number eight, the film is no newbie to the series that prides itself on torture-porn. Releasing an exclusive clip as a taster for what’s to come this weekend, we hear what could be the returned Jigsaw himself taunting a fresh batch of sinners – and this time around, he’s taking the ‘saw’ part very literally.

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