Film Review: A Ghost Story @ Sundance Film Festival 2017

★★★★☆ – As strange and alienating as the film could be, it defies the odds, and draws audiences closer with its exploration of life and death.

Every film festival has that one controversial film that will divide audiences between ‘a masterpiece’ and ‘pompous trash’. Whilst A Ghost Story has many positive reviews already under its belt, it definitely has potential to be this film. Director David Lowery’s off-beat vision is just so bizarre that it would be easily interpreted either way – but with a storyline intrinsic to each and every audience member watching, strangely hypnotic visuals, and a central concept that pulls you in like quicksand, Lowery definitely steers his film in the right direction.

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“I took a photo of myself sitting on the toilet. It was seen by a LOT of people” – An interview with Fizzy Blood

Founded in 2014 and already smashing huge festivals such as Download, SXSW, and Korea’s Zandari Festa, Fizzy Blood have put themselves thoroughly on the alternative music map in their three years as a band. Continuing their festival streak with a spot on the Neu stage at this year’s 2000trees festival, their success comes as no surprise as soon as you get a listen of their unique brand of “weird, exciting, fuzzy rock and roll.”

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Try to keep your head whilst watching the terrifying new trailer for The Snowman

A world away from the animated classic of our childhood, Tomas Alfredson’s The Snowman will be spelling out bloody murder this October.

The trailer release centres around a harrowing spree of murders unfolding when the snow starts to fall. Linked to crimes of the past, an elite crime squad’s lead detective (Michael Fassbender) must race against the clock to figure out who is killing women in his local town – before the next snowfall claims another victim.

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Review: 2000trees Festival 2017 – Saturday

★★★★★ – An eclectic mix of weird and wonderful, Saturday brought the heavy-hitters of the alternative music scene – finishing up the festival on an impressive high.

The final day of 2000trees was host to many things. I’ve mentioned previously the perchance for sunburnt bodies and people that had only seen the back of a wet wipe maybe once judging by their smell – but now thrown into the mix was the infamous fancy dress date, a whole new bunch of ridiculous bands, and interestingly enough, a wedding. Surprisingly, it isn’t the first time that it’s happened either, with the woodland location and screaming masses inspiring a special kind of love. That’s nice isn’t it?

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Horror icon George A. Romero passes away at 77 years old

A staple of the horror community for roughly 50 years and the inventor of the modern zombie as we now know it, George A. Romero passed away yesterday evening after losing his battle with cancer.

Late on Sunday, it was confirmed that Romero passed away after a short, intense battle with lung cancer. The film icon leaves behind a legacy that suitably fits his larger than life character, with his work remaining as important to the horror genre now as it was on release nearly 50 years ago.

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Review: 2000trees Festival 2017 – Friday

★★★★★ – Sweaty and hectic, Friday continued to build on Thursday’s rad line up, offering some unique performances and amazing sets in spectacular fashion.

The second day of 2000trees proved to be just as hot, if not hotter, than the first – resulting in a lot of comedy tan lines as I wondered around the site. Drumstick-striped bodies aside, Friday offered another incredible line up of performances with everything from folk to metal cropping up over the various stages.

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